“Such sheer lunacy, this thing called love.
Yet, they all want to dive
and lose themselves in its deep waves.”
- Saim Cheeda

The first time I met Anahi and Gustavo, I knew we were going to hit it off. I remember them as this down-to-earth, happy-go-lucky couple that are just big fans of A Sight of Love. Ok that one was a hyperbole. I mean, I am sure they like my pictures and we follow each other on Instagram, but it wasn't like they were fangirling when they met me. I think they were just happy that I didn't turn out to be an uppity photographer with a chip on my shoulder. And I was happy that they liked my work enough not to change anything about how I should shoot.

Our conversation went pretty much like this:

Me: where do you guys want to shoot?
Them: anywhere!
Me: you guys cool with driving somewhere?
Them: yea.
Me: thousand steps beach in laguna?
Them: ok!

Of course there was the occasional talk about wedding plans and what they were looking for in regards to a photographer, but it was pretty much laughter and jokes throughout the whole meeting. And the same vibe we had on the day of the meet up happily carried over on to the actual session. Which made an otherwise intense shoot, feel more like a blooper reel. I do understand that it is sometimes difficult for some couples to stay positive and upbeat when a shoot pretty much consists of laying down on rocks, getting wet and walking on jagged rocks. Especially having to stand on a rocky platform while the waves constantly washes over them is never fun. And sometimes I have to back off for a bit. But then couples like Anahi and Gustavo, who throughout the shoot continually supported and had each other's backs, made me push even harder. And for them to still joke around after everything is said and done is such a blessing. Since I don't feel so bad about them being wet and cold, on top of having sore feet the next day.