“your hand touching mine.
this is how galaxies collide.”
― Sanober Khan

Three outfits. Three cities. Three crazy kids. From Downtown Los Angeles, to Irvine City  then ending with a beautiful sunset shoot in Newport Beach, where Ian first asked Natalie to be his girlfriend. Pretty much every city we shot at has some significant importance for them. I honestly thought they would get tired and call  it a day by outfit #2. But Ian and Natalie kept up with every crazy idea I threw at them and kept going along. Even scaling some rocks to get to a cave. Though Natalie had reservations about going inside that  cave, since high tide was coming. Ian, ever the optimist, just reassured Natalie and gave her that much needed push to just go through with it . Which even surprised me. Since, I myself, was worried that if we were to get caught during high tide, we would definitely get soaked. And just thinking about damaging my equipment and the images that was already captured could be lost. And that  would be just heartbreaking. But luckily we got out in the nick of time. Since after just a few minutes, we saw the same kids that were still inside the cave when we left, was soaking wet when they got back to the beach. 

Although it's always in hindsight when I tend to think about some of the things I tend to do during a shoot and the things that can or might go wrong. But if you have an awesome couple such as Ian and Natalie,  seeing the captured images makes the risks so worth it. Enjoy the photos!