“One transcendent kiss that later makes lovers
take soft breaths, holding hands”
― Lori L. Otto

California is always up to something unusual. One day it's 90 degrees outside, then the next day it's a cloudy 70 degrees, with a chance of rain.  Except "chance" becomes "reality" since  the photo gods know that your outside shooting an engagement session and they decide to be comedians on that day and play a joke on you. But that's the way California is. You just gotta be ready for anything. But even if it was raining on and off, I was just lucky that I was with good company. Sheryl and Shaun were so patient that I was glad that they didn't let the unpredicatble weather get to them.  Especially after driving 2 hours just to find out that the the first location we planned on shooting in was closed due to rain.  And even when it started to rain and we had to wait in the car,  they did what every bored couple would do. Bust open some snacks and get your munch on while waiting for the rain to stop. But the rain did stop, then the clouds opened up and gave us some moody and dramatic lighting, contrasting the bright and blooming sunflowers carpeting the floor.  Well if you live here in California, you just know what to expect. You just have to be up and open for anything. 

*I wanted to post more photos from this session but I have to respect Sheryl's decision on their privacy. *