“That's when you know for sure somebody loves you.
They figure out what you need and they give it to you
-- without you asking.” - Adriana Trigiani

Since Robert’s idea was to incorporate his love for his BMW M3 into the photoshoot, we initially settled for a race track somewhere in Riverside. But arriving to that first location, we were left sadly, unimpressed. Because, aesthetically, the track didn’t leave any place for us to get creative. Barren and desolate, we left in a hurry to our second location.

Joshua Tree. So familiar, but yet, still so much to discover. And most of all, conveniently located just a few miles from the busy and bustling life of downtown Los Angeles. This place offers so much in terms of ideas for a photoshoot, that even if an initial idea didn’t work in the beginning, this place will surely make it work. And that’s just what we did. Robert’s BMW M3 gave us some really cool ideas that it also complimented our outdoor shots of Joshua Tree.

But for every beautiful location out there, I still heavily rely on the couple to sell the shots. Thankfully Robert and Kristine did not disappoint. Open-minded and adventurous enough that they were able to pull-off every idea that I had in my head. Even squeezing themselves into the cramped back seat of Robert’s car with no hesitation. I’m sure it was something that Robert wasn’t expecting to be done to his beloved car, but like I always say: “It’s for the shot!”