“Butterflies counts not months, but moments, and has time enough.” – Rabindranath Tagore

It’s every young girl’s dream for her father to walk her down the aisle to marry the man of her dreams. And for him to hold her hand one last time before he gives her away in marriage. But in this case, it was Adrian, her son, who held her hand as she walked down the aisle towards Lee. You see, Anne’s father had passed away a couple of years ago. And during one of our routine client meet ups she had mentioned why it was so important for her to have butterflies as the central theme for their wedding. Apparently, one rainy day after her dad had passed away, Anne had noticed a white butterfly that followed her on her way to work. Surely, it’s debatable if ghosts or spirits even exists. But when she told us of another instance where she went home late one night, and again, a white butterfly followed her home, then maybe there are some things that just can’t be explained. Since then she has always attributed these random occurrences as her father’s way of watching over her. I do believe in angels and a higher being. And its not so far-fetched to think that some people believe that angels use butterflies to communicate with us. So when Anne started noticing butterflies appearing randomly, maybe it’s her dad’s way of sending her a message that everything will be okay. Since a few years down the road she would eventually meet Lee, the man she would eventually marry and whose sister makes rare butterfly terrariums that would be used as centerpieces for their wedding. Coincidence, fate or kismet.

You be the judge.

The doors swung open. Anne, with a big smile on her face is visibly the happiest girl in the world. She wore that smile with radiance and joy. And everyone she loved in the room smiled back at her. It was clear to see that every detail in this wedding was created with her father in mind. You can see it from the tattoo on her back, down to the butterfly terrariums that served as table centerpieces. Although her dad wasn’t their physically, he was, in every way, a part of their wedding.