“It’s so difficult, isn’t it? To see what’s going on when you’re in the absolute middle of something? It’s only with hindsight we can see things for what they are.” – S.J. Watson


It was quite a hike in the hills of Malibu Canyon. Lee and Anne who have hiked this part of the canyon before seemed to be walking at a comfortable pace, while I was huffing and puffing, trying to catch my breath. I seem to be out of shape. And I know it. Having kids will do this to you. But I shouldn’t blame it on having kids. I should blame it on laziness. We stopped at a bridge overlooking a dry river bed. It was not in our itenirary to shoot here. But seeing how beautifully desolate it was, I thought it was worth a shot. So we went down the embankment, waded through the tall grasses and jumped over jagged rocks until we finally reached an area where they could both stand without rocks stabbing their feet. I had Lee grab Anne by the small of her waist and told him to get close to her. I then ran up to the bridge again. Huffing and puffing, I yelled to pull her in closer to him. I looked down and through my viewfinder, I saw two human beings embracing each other. Surrounded by nothing except rocks and gravel. And all of a sudden this dried-up creek became a garden. Sometimes you just need a different kind of perspective to see that there is beauty in all things. And just like in love and in life, if you choose to look at things the right way, the whole world can be your garden. You just have to look with your eyes closed and your heart wide open.