The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.” – Paulo Coelho

It was a simple tea ceremony held at Tuan’s parent’s house. An age-old Vietnamese tradition where the bride, on the day of the wedding goes and visits the groom’s house to be introduced to the relatives and/or ancestors of the groom. At the center of the living room sits a small shelf where pictures of their grandparents rest. It was adorned with fresh flowers and an insence was lit. Tuan’s father started the ceremony as soon as Maria arrived at their house. And at the end of the prayer, Tuan’s mother gave Maria a beautiful necklace, welcoming her to the family. Even if there was a language barrier, I could tell Tuan’s parents loved and adored Maria very much. Their body language said it all. I got to admit that because of all the things that are running in the back of my mind during a wedding, I sometimes forget to remember that intimate moments that are captured between families are as important as an epic wedding dress shot or an equally awesome ring shot. The human element, whether it be crying, laughing and showing love, is the most important detail in a wedding after all.