I love the relationship that anyone has with music
… because there’s something in us that is beyond the reach of words,
something that eludes and defies our best attempts to spit it out. …
It’s the best part of us probably …”
– Nick Hornby

I was in the common room, setting up my equipment when I heard a guitar being strummed gently in the other room. As a music lover and a guitar enthusiast myself, I’m usually quick at dropping whatever I’m doing everytime I hear someone playing the guitar. Either to see what kind of guitar they play or start a conversation to see if we both listen to the same artists. It was no surprise to me when I peeked over and saw that it was Jeffrey, singing a tune to which I am not familiar with. “Nice song. What is it called?” I asked. Jeffrey, without missing a strum replied. “Love Never Fails by Brandon Heath. I am actually going to sing this when Shiela walks down the aisle.” Sweet. Jeffrey continued to rehearse the song that he would use to serenade the love of his life, and I listened. Because it instantly brought back memories of my own wedding. Not because of that particular song, but how music has connected me and my wife and that somehow music did the same for another couple. 

Later on that day, with the sun slowly inching its way toward the horizon, Shiela, escorted by her two brothers, started walking down the aisle. A light breeze would come in, and her veil would flutter along. And from the distance I started to hear that familiar guitar melody being played again. Notes played to perfection by Jeffrey. I looked back and there he was, standing with guitar in hand in front of the altar. Singing and performing with a panache that reeled Shiela in from the get-go. He did what he set out to do. Serenade his would be queen while professing his love to the whole world with a song. A song that was meant for only one person. It was sweet. It was perfect. It was a moment that was unforgettable. And for Shiela, I am sure that she will never hear that song in the same way ever again. 


Love is not proud, love does not boast

Love after all, matters the most 

Love does not run, love does not hide

Love does not keep, locked inside 

Love is the river that flows through

Love never fails you

Love will sustain, love will provide

Love will not cease, at the end of time 

Love will protect, love always hopes

Love still believes, when you don’t 

Love is the arms that are holding you

Love never fails you

When my heart won’t make a sound

When I can’t turn back around

When the sky is falling down

Nothing is greater than this 

Greater than this

Love is right here, love is alive

Love is the way, the truth the life

Love is the river than flows through

Love is the arms that are holding you

Love is the place you will fly to

Love never fails you.