“Sometimes the best image is the one where you feel like you have just
intruded on something very private.” – Clayton Austin

I still remember the phone conversation I had with Megan and how she told me that she was having her wedding preps done at home. It struck me as odd, that she didn’t want the full princess treatment that other brides look for on their wedding day. But I guess there is some truth to the saying: “Home is where the heart is.” And now looking through the images, I realize that there was something I captured during her preparations that was not so evident with other brides that chose to get ready in a hotel. Megan’s demeanor was relaxed. Entirely contradicting the hectic pace that was happening downstairs. She was cracking jokes and being the ol’ Megan that I got acquainted with. I am sure she was somewhat nervous, even anxious, about how things might turn out on her wedding day. But the comfort of being at home will always set in to calm the most jittery of hearts. No matter what. It’s like that soft embrace your mom gives you when you wake up in the middle of the night during a thunder storm. You know you are safe and that everything will be alright.

Especially on your wedding day.

I am actually glad she chose to get ready at her parent’s house. Not that I am condemning anyone for choosing to get ready in a penthouse suite at a five star hotel. I think that is completely the bride or groom’s choice. But when you think about it, we will always long for that familiar comfort that only being at home can bring. The freedom we now enjoy as adults will never replace the scent of a home cooked meal. Or the smell of a freshly laundered blanket. Delicately folded on top of your pillows by your mother. Besides, only at home is it appropriate to kick your parents out of their own room so you can do your bridal portraits.