“This isn’t Sex and the City, and life isn’t a Nicholas Sparks novel. The best kind of love is one that is calming on the spirit, easy on the heart, fulfilling and completing.” – Hope Alcocer

I was actually surprised to read her text message. Nessa wrote: “I apologize. Our love story is nothing out of the ordinary.” Over the last three years that I’ve been speaking to couples and hearing their stories, I feel that each and every one of them is special. No matter how much of the initial courting stage might feel mundane or oft repeated, it’s what happens in between the lines that speaks volumes. So as her story goes: her and Tommy were introduced by a common friend. And after numerous texts and phone conversations they finally decided to meet up. And from there, they both fell in love. Yeah, from reading the above story it doesn’t sound much, right? But who’s to say that its not an extraordinary love story in on itself? Unless someone knows exactly every detail and how each couple felt leading up to every moment in that story we can’t really judge a book by it’s cover alone. Only the people involved who lived and experienced it will know for sure. As there are hundreds of tiny little details that go unnoticed but help conspire and paint a picture of their unrequited romance. Leading up to where they are in their lives right now, I’m certain only Tommy knows how long he stared at his phone before pressing send. His heart beating as he stares at the word “Hello”, thinking if it’s the proper word to say. And no one else will experience the butterflies in her stomach like Nessa did the first time Tommy whispered “I Love You” to her. But did what I just wrote even happened? Only Nessa and Tommy will know the little nuances of their time together. To me, its the untold adventures that they go through together that will create a bigger picture of their love story. John Green said it best: “I will not tell you our love story, because-like all real love stories-it will die with us, as it should.”