“Love is that condition in the human spirit so profound that it empowers us to develop courage; to trust that courage and build bridges with it; to trust those bridges and cross over them so we can attempt to reach each other.”
- Maya Angelou

I've heard so many times how crazy California's weather could be. And I believe it. I've been living in California for twenty years and now I've seen it all. One minute it was a sunny, almost troipcal weather in Point Lobos, and 46 minutes later, we were met by a cold, windy, Portland-esque climate in Pfeiffer Beach. Given they are 46 miles apart. But still. Cold wind and sand pelting your skin definitely doesn't mix well with wet clothes. We were not ready for that. But we managed to soldier on and Cristina and Bruno accomplished something that only a few could. Spend a whole day with me while getting their clothes wet, climbing fallen trees on high heels and walking on jagged rocks barefoot; and still have the patience to take me to Jack-in-the-Box after a long day 'coz poor lil' ol' me got hungry. God I love these two.

Point Lobos. Big Sur. Pfeiffer Beach. I've never been so astounded by the beauty of California until that day. It was surely an adventure for Cristina and Bruno, who celebrated their 1 year wedding anniversary driving along Highway 1. Coincidence? I think not.