"No woman wants to be in submission
to a man who isn't in submission to God.”
- T.D Jakes

This narrow hallway where I positioned myself wasn't the best idea. Amidst all the people walking past, trying their best not to bump into me, there was really nowhere else to go. So I did my best to hug the corner of the lobby while at the same time, trying not to break any of the old photo frames that's hanging on the wall. From where I was kneeling down, the door where Sheree was getting ready was cracked open. Enough that I can see her endlessly pacing back and forth. But then she would sometimes pause for a minute, her face clearly in deep thought and then laugh. Maybe one of her bridesmaids said something funny. Maybe her anxiety became excitement. Her body language said alot about how she was feeling that day. I could tell she was nervous. But at the same time, she was excited. She cracked open the door some more, just enough to let her head out and have a peek outside. At the same time, she was careful not to let Justin see her. In a few moments, she will say "I do" to the man of her dreams. And the best part is, she will be in front of her family and loved ones. To celebrate and to finally, share the love she has for Justin.

Justin finally walked in and made his way to the room where Sheree was staying in. Beads of sweat trickled down his forehead as he walked the hallway strewn with photographs of weddings past. With his back against the wall, he  knocked on the door for her to come out. Sheree, opened the door wide enough that you can finally see her in her wedding dress. She slipped her hand out and grabbed a hold of his. With only a thin wall separating them, they started to pray. They prayed for each other, for their loved ones and for their future thats about to unfold in front of them. 

I'm actually glad that they decided to forego "the first look", and opted for what they felt in their hearts, is right for them. They have always put God at the forefront of their relationship. He is their foundation. Their pillar. And one of the things that grabbed a hold of Sheree's heart is that Justin is a man of God. The fact that Justin asked Sheree to pray with him right after having their first boy-girl conversations, when their relationship was still barely in its infancy, speaks volume to what kind of man Sheree will be marying. And after 11 months of dating, even before they will say their vows, before they even kiss for the first time, one thing is consisent about their relationship and that is prayer.