"May your adventures bring you closer together,
even as they take you far away from home."
- Trenton Lee Stewart

I knew Jeremiah from when we shot his big brother's engagement photos six years ago.  We were shooting in one of the grassy fields scattered in and around Laguna, when on a whim, I asked Vino if they had a ladder at home, just so I can get a higher perspective for a shot that I had in mind. To be honest, I think this ladder was the begining of my many climbs atop of random things. He texted Jeremiah, and within minutes he was walking towards where we were shooting with a 6-foot ladder in tow. I mean, the walk from their house wasn't that far, but having to carry a 20lb. ladder is never fun. Which is what struck me the most, is how close the siblngs are to each other. Because if  that was my own brother, who told me to go grab a ladder for his engagement shoot, I would've told him to get it himself so he can stick that ladder up his hole.  

But as much as he is a nice guy, he's also a bad-ass when it comes to landscape photography. You can check out his IG handle (thecraziethewizard) for proof if you so incline.  And a shared interest in photography is what started this whole"bromance" thing between Jeremiah and I. And it all started when he slid onto my DMs. Well more like he Facebook messaged one night while I was editing. This was before the app became hitler-ish, named itself Messenger, and forced you to download it as a separate app. But I digress. Back to the story where he slid into my DMs. He started asking about photography related stuff. And what started as innocent conversations about cameras, blogs, photographers, and The Walking Dead, for some reason snowballed into something else. All I can say is that there were tons of texting between each other where my wife will find me giggling at the phone.  

But all good bromances must end. (Sad Face). I know. Because we all have to grow up someday, right? And finding the right girl, and deciding that this IS the girl that you want to marry is what grown ups do. Maybe I am a little salty, but  I am truly happy that he found someone as adventurous, as daring and as bold as Tatyana. They both love the outdoors and photography. Like a  love story that's set in nature. And as they stand on their next platform, or boulder 6,000 feet above the ground,  I hope that moment paints a picture of their future as a married couple - looking out at the world, filled with love, beauty and adventure.  Lots of adventure.