“You wouldn’t train for a marathon
& then give up a mile before the finish line.
Same goes with your life & dreams.”
- Dawn Gluskin

Marriage. I guess you can say it's the ultimate marathon. But here's the thing, marriages and marathons share a connection that one may overlook. It's certainly not for everyone, that's for sure. Both require passion and commitment. Lots of it. Passion to keep getting better and stronger at what you do; and commitment to reach that extra mile, even though each step will be tested by steep hills and choppy terrain. 

But Ian and Natalie are both passionate people who both work and serve their community well. Ian works for School on Wheels, a non-profit organization that provides tutoring and education to homeless children. While Natalie is a 2nd grade teacher who is devoted to teaching and also loves to volunteer as an art teacher for homeless children living in L.A.'s Skid Row. And one thing that connects them both is their love for running.  Both have goals and aspirations. Because deep inside, they know life is better when you have someone guiding you with each step you take and each mile you reach, until you reach the finish line. And wouldn't that be the ultimate accomplishment? To know that you and your significant other pushed through each obstacle, cemented in your commitment, and coming out of it with your passion for each other stronger than before?