“Love one another, but make not a bond of love:
Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.”
- Kahlil Gibran

I think there's a misconception that photographers are magicians. I mean, there is absolutely no way we can make the groom magically appear happy if he suddenly gets cold feet and a cloud of doubt is hanging over his head. By the same token, we can't make the sun come out if mother nature decides to be a dick and rains in on your parade. What we do consider ourselves is artists and creatives. We'll do the best we can with the situation that's given to us and we'll always capture it to the best of our abilities and make sure we deliver. In some instances, we can "magically" turn a "meh" wedding into the fairytale wedding of your dreams just by approaching a certain situation and photographing it the right way.  It's all about perspective. Focusing in on the positives and blurring out the negatives. Because a modestly planned wedding is by no means the end. As photographers, or creatives, it's our sole duty to capture your wedding day through our vision and present it to you as our "art", while at the same time make you feel nostalgic by capturing moments that you had missed. So this is why wedding photographers have to wear many hats. They have to be photojournalists, portrait/fashion/still-life photographers and at times, wildlife photographers. Oh let's not forget life coaches also. For those times the bride and groom needs that extra push to be awesome. Weddings that are sometimes lacking in details can still look beautiful by doing flatlays and adding little details that was not really a part of the wedding. Just by adding trinkets that represent the bride and/or groom can add that extra magic. Creatives always think outside the box. Even a bride that is not obviously in the mood can be masked by taking photos of smiling guests and toddlers acting silly. Pretty soon she'll flash you a smile. You just have to be ready to capture it. So what about when things are running behind and you only have 15 minutes to shoot the bride and groom portraits before the reception starts? So how can you make 15mins look epic? Well, a bride and groom that has positive energy and has complete trust in their photographer can surely make that 15 mins session look epic. 

So did any of this happen during Amber and JC's wedding? Not one bit. The fact that beautiful details were on display, that everything was running on time (courtesy of Leslie Marie Events' talented team) and the bride and groom (including the whole bridal party) exuding so much positive energy throughout the day definitely made this wedding a favorite of ours. And shooting a wedding at a gorgeous place like Greystone Mansion was the fondant icing on the cake. But the key take away to make any wedding magically memorable starts with the bride and groom. Amber and JC consciously made themselves become the embodiment of how they wanted their wedding to play out. They lived for each moment. They laughed. They cried. They danced. Bridezillas/groomzillas where nowhere to be seen. No one "lost it" and locked themselves in the restroom or yelled at the vendors. So what happens when everything just seemed to work out? Well you get photos like these. Captured moments that are pure and raw, juxtaposed by bride and groom portraits that are just equally beautiful.  Oh, and just so i have an excuse to use an expression that kids seem to be using alot these days: THE PARTY WAS LIT AF.


Venue: Greystone Mansion
Wedding Coordinator: Leslie Marie Events
Videographer: Forrest Cornwell
Florist:  O&J Flowers
Hair/MUA: AJ Amoruwa/Kristen Wright
Cake: Cake and Art
MC/DJ:  Brian