“Find a woman who makes you feel more alive.
And then love her with all that's in you.”
- Gayle G. Roper

A friend of mine asked me; if I were to take someone who hasn’t been to Los Angeles, but who wanted to experience what Los Angeles is all about in one go where would I take them. Well I told them I would take them to Venice Beach. Why Venice Beach? Well, for one, I haven’t been there. Secondly, for a lot of people who haven’t been to Los Angeles, they have these preconceived notions that LA is associated with shopping, entertainment, arts and the beach. And Venice Beach pretty much offers all of the above and more within it’s mile and a half. The “more” being the weird and the sketchy. Within a minute after I parked my car and began walking towards the beach I already smelled the scent of marijuana. There was also a guy dressed as a security guard on a bike yelling random things to random people. The shopping? There are chic boutiques that line the boardwalk. You want see entertainment? I bet you can’t throw a quarter in the air without hitting someone who’s watching a rap battle or a dance battle. You might even spot a famous YouTuber doing a vlog. Or if you’re really lucky, a former cast member of Terrace House. The arts? Well, from the walls, the alleyways and even the random coconut trees that line along the beach have graffiti. Venice Beach will always offer something different to the uninitiated because there is so much diversity in Southern California. A melting pot of various cultures and lifestyles.

Kacie and Matt’s engagement session brought me to this wonderful, albeit eclectic part of Los Angeles. Their adventurous spirit and laid back attitude definitely pairs well with this place. Although Matt was indifferent when I asked them why they picked this place, Kacie on the other hand will always hold a special place in her heart for Venice Beach: a concrete jungle of the amazing and the bizarre that lines the coastal trail of Southern California. It is a place that is beautiful, natural and diverse. It’s what makes Los Angeles so unique and adored.