“It's the possibility of having a dream come true
that makes life interesting.” - Paulo Coelh

It's always the first initial conversation with the client that I always find the most challenging. Besides the clients liking your work, you also hope that they like you as a person as well. So finding a some sort of connection with the couple from the get-go is crucial. And one of the things that allowed  Jasmin, Theo and I to have a connection is that we have kids. And having experienced all the ups and downs of rearing a child is a common ground that all parents, strangers or friends alike, can relate to. A perfect example of how I had to step-back as a photographer and approach the situation as father first was when in the middle of shooting Theo's portraits, his daughter, Camilla, who must have been exhausted because of all the activities, started to become fussy. As a father, I knew she just wanted to be carried. And although I wanted to do more shots, her well-being was much more important. So I stepped back and let Theo do what a dad normally has to do with a tired and cranky toddler. Carry her until she falls asleep. Which she eventually did. But the images I captured in between, while Theo was playing with her and pampering her until she fell asleep, I'm sure, will mean alot more to them in the future.  Something they can show Camilla when she's all grown up. 

Enjoy the photos!