“Of all forms of caution, caution in love
is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness.”
- Bertrand Russell

I still remember the first time I shot in Crystal Cove, I quickly thought that this is the beach that all other beaches here in Southern California will be compared to.  Although at that particular engagement shoot, the sun was already setting which only gave us a limited amount of time to shoot at the edge of the bluff that was overlooking the ocean.  But that particular moment served as a good reminder of how beautiful the sunsets are here in southern California. Especially if you are  at the right place. And seven years later, the sentiment I had for Crystal Cove has not changed.  So  I was incredibly happy that Jasmin and Theo decided to follow my suggestion to shoot in Crystal Cove once again.  Although we didn't get that cotton-candy colored sunset that everyone is always pining for, it was a beautiful day to shoot nonetheless. We had the right amount of clouds and sun, mixed with a fun-loving couple. Which is always a win-win situation. Enjoy the set!