“There are so many men, all endlessly attempting to sweep me off my feet.
And there is one of you, trying just the opposite.
Making sure my feet are firm beneath me, lest I fall.”
― Patrick Rothfuss

“Aww.” I sighed as started getting my gear ready. “I’m going to miss Tommy’s long and detailed emails to me.” It was a bittersweet joke I told Karla as I took shots of her getting her hair and make up done. Because as a client, I really adored how he would start every email asking how my weekend was or how my family is. She smiled and laughed. “That’s how Tommy is.” One of her bridesmaid then, made a quip about how Tommy is the bride in the relationship. Which wasn’t a knock on his masculinity. Not even one bit. For Chrissakes, have you seen him? Even his groomsman said during his speech that the first time he saw him he thought he was “a fine-piece of brown specimen.”

But the joke about him being a bride? I think it’s one of those jests made in admiration for how Tommy shows his deep regard for Karla. And I’m pretty sure Karla, also appreciates the fact that she is with someone who is willing to go for the long haul. Because let’s face facts. Most of the time the guy usually sits back while the would-be bride pulls their hair out trying to undertake the enormous task of wedding planning.

Bride: “Hey hon, what music should we play for our first dance?”
Groom: “Oh I don’t know. But I’m currently listening to Kanye West’s Gold Digger. And I like it.”
Bride:“Hey hon, this photographer is really awesome. Let’s book him.”
Groom: “What for? I’ll just have my uncle who has an expensive camera take the photos.”
Bride: “Hey hon, what do you think about peonies and roses as centerpieces?”
Groom: “Shhhh. the game is on.”

And the list, sadly, goes on.

So in essence, the joke is more of a compliment as to how Tommy has the desire to partake and be a part of the planning stages of the wedding as much as possible. From start to finish. And I totally respect that. Hey, all I can say is that if a guy is willing to work this hard on planning a wedding, just imagine the amount of work his willing to put on their actual marriage.

But going back to Tommy and Karla. Witnessing how these two are unafraid to show their love for each other makes me adore them even more. Karla is as warm and friendly as you can get. As beautiful as she is, she won’t hesitate to make fun of her self also. Which makes her more charming and pleasant to be around with. While Tommy, ever the gentleman, is unafraid to show how he deeply cares for Karla. And in the same regard, his compassion for Karla carries over to how he treats his family and friends as well. Even vendors. You will never feel like you’re walking on a tightrope with them. And I appreciate the fact that I felt like as much as a guest as I was a vendor. And it’s those little things that make you realize how it’s the couple themselves that can make a wedding so much more memorable in contrast to a fancy or a grand wedding ceremony.

So I am forever grateful that I met these two and they chose us to cover their beautiful wedding at the Padua Hills Theatre. It was indeed a beautiful wedding. Filled with so much love and emotion. Definitely one of those weddings that will be close and dear to our hearts.


Venue: Padua Hills Theatre
Videographer:  Light Up Video
Florist:  Carol’s Secret Garden
Hair: Lupe
Make up: Nadia
Cake:  Geneva Stone
MC/DJ:  Entertainment Express

*Big thanks to Klein of Kadastudio for assisting! You are the man! 🙏🙏🙏