“Look closely at the present you are constructing,
it should look like the future you are dreaming.” – Alice Walker

Danny and Jordan’s house were brimming with activity. Their dinner table that once served as a place to eat has become an arts and crafts workshop of sorts. All the bridesmaids are pitching in and doing their part. Building makeshift cupcake holders made from wood and wineglasses, arranging wedding invitations printed on hand fans, and wrapping twine around glass vases that will serve as the table centerpieces. I’m glad that they went the DIY route.

Jordan’s mom, who took a short break from sewing, shook my hand and started complimenting me on the pictures that I did for her daughter’s engagement session. I don’t remember the exact words that was said, but it was somewhere along the lines of “I really love what you did with their photos”. There were more, I assure you. But you know when someone tells you something and it catches you off guard that your brain is still processing what your ears are hearing? I think that’s what happened. So all I could mutter back was: “Thank You. It’s all because of Danny and Jordan.” Yes THIS is all because of Danny and Jordan.

Looking around their house, I couldnt help but remember how it looked like the first time I saw it when they were still renovating. And now, their house looks like a page taken out of an Anthropologie brochure. Danny and Jordan worked on their house themselves, from painting the walls to installing the wooden floors. You know how you know when two people are just meant to be together? When a couple can live through a renovation. To be honest, I’ve seen plenty of HGTV episodes where couples are endlessly bickering over what color their curtain should be. Beautiful as it is right now, I am pretty sure their home is still a work in progress. They are not one to rush or force things anyways. Danny has mentioned that he is enjoying the time he gets to spend with Jordan when they are working on the house. And he loves the fact that taking their time with the house and sharing ideas with each other has only brought them closer together. This right here is how a marriage should be anyways. One brick at a time. One lightbulb at a time.

*Thanks to thecraziethewizard for assisting us. Check out his tumblr feed. Full of landscape wizardry.