“Individually, we are one drop.
Together, we are an ocean.” – Ryunosuke Satoro

With an amazing amount of fervor, Oksana and Aaron, once again, braved the cold embrace of the ocean and boldly climbed on top of the rock. “Im just waiting for a good wave, guys! Just hold that kiss!”, I yelled. I can tell they were cold. They already fell into the water once from a wave that pushed them off the same rock they were standing on. Their lips must be quivering. And that uncomfortable sting that you feel when your wet skin touches the cold air? Yea that kiss probably felt like forever. These two. They are fearless without a doubt. Something I can say with all the newlyweds that are celebrating their first year anniversary. I know the feeling. I mean, twelve months can pass by like a heart beat. One day, you are at a beach paradise on your honeymoon, and the next thing you know you’re pulling your hair out in the mall trying to find the perfect one year anniversary gift. YOU HAVE to make it special. Because it is a special day. There are people whose marriage only lasted 72 days. So give each other a pat on the back. Better yet, bring out the scented candles and have a nice romantic dinner. And be happy at the thought that this is the beginning of many more romantic dinners yet to come.