"Love is the bridge between you and everything."

I have been living in Los Angeles for more than twenty years now. And ever since I was a kid, I remember always passing by this bridge in Pasadena, and thinking what it actually looks like up close. But never once have I set foot on it until Matt and Clarissa’s wedding. Fun  Fact: this bridge is also known to locals as the “Suicide Bridge”. Built in 1912, the nickname was given from all the documented suicides that happened from the early 20th century. It is sad though, that such a beautiful bridge has an eerie nickname. But I wouldn’t let the name put you off. It is a beautiful bridge that can only be admired when your actually standing on it. With its old-world Victorian styling, ornamented stone railings, and majestic archways, it is truly a sight to behold.

Walking on the bridge and seeing the beautiful details up close, makes you truly appreciate the simple things we take for granted. And makes me wonder why I never bothered to visit this bridge beforehand. The funny thing is, I didn’t know about the bridge’s moniker until a few days after the wedding. And mulling over the images made me remember how undaunted I was to just hop on one of the ledges of the bridge without any afterthought. Because I will confess to the fact that I amdeathly afraid of heights. Yes, all 144 feet of it. But the image of Clarissa and Matt on the ledge, overlooking the mountains, lost in their own reverie while the sun was slowly dipping behind their backs. Man, it’s one of those images that was already deep-seated in my head even before their wedding. And to be able to capture what I saw in my mind’s eye and onto the camera. Pure joy .