I wasn't planning on posting Gracie and Cesar's wedding until the website was 100% done. I have been in the middle of doing a complete overhaul on the website and A Sight of Love as a brand in general. Doing two things at the same is not a walk in the park. But I've got to hand it to Gracie and Cesar. Their complete trust in me and my passion for my art had me rethingking my priorities. As much as I want to wait until everything is finished, at the same time, I dont want to do them a disservice by making them wait for their pictures for too long. Not like they pressured me or anything. Even after a month after their wedding, when I texted her regarding the status of her wedding pictures and the cause of the delay, she was still nonchalant about it. Even telling me to take my time with my art. Who wouldn't love to work with a bride like that? So here it is. Highlights from Gracie and Cesar's wedding in Walnut Grove.


Design and set up: Sparkles & Vintage/Blair Kimball
Florist: Unique Floral Designs
Cake: Skiff's Cakes
DJ: Who's That DJ
Dessert Table: Raiza Cruz/Tina Villar

*thanks to thecraziethewizard for being a hipster with a cool camera
*this is only the tip of the iceberg. more changes coming soon!