True love doesn't need words,
true love can speak for itself
- Jodie Lake

If there is one thing amazing about living in California is the amount of places we get to shoot here. There are places that is really popular and there are places that you only find if you go off the beaten path. But one place in particular that is really popular among photographers and instgrammers is El Matador Beach in Malibu. The hashtag 'elmatadorbeach' has already 15K posts on Instagram. Im sure I have added to that number since I've shot a maternity, a trash the dress and two engagement sessions in that place. But with the number of times I have shot there you would think I would run out of ideas where and how to shoot. But the beatiful thing about living in California is the weather and how crazy unpredictable it is. It could be sunny and warm when you leave the house but by the time you get to your destination it could be cloudy and overcast. And as photographers, the way we shoot and how we shoot can be influenced by what kind of weather we are having. So no matter how many times you shoot at a place like El Matador, your approach and vision will likely not be the same when you shoot there the second, third or fourth time around. Oh and it also helps when you have adventurous couples that are willing to do whatever it takes to get the shot. Lucky for me, Sheree and Justin were exactly that kind of couple.

Oh, and here is the post that Sheree shared on her Facebook on how Justin proposed:

Well, Justin was visiting my family in California and some of his family was in town because they make a trip to California every year for Christmas so we decided to all have sabbath lunch together... As the end of the sabbath drew near he gathered everyone into the living room for "family worship" or so I thought... we sang a couple of songs and prayed. Then he passed out slips of paper to the friends and family in attendance. He said that when the music starts, to read it slowly starting with the person who had #1. I was sitting in a chair facing him... I kinda had a feeling he was about to propose but I had no idea how... as the first person started reading I notice that he was not saying anything but instead he was SIGNING EVERYTHING. I have studied American Sign Language since the age of 7 and he knows of my great fondness of the language and passion for the community so he learned the entire proposal in AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE!!!!😍😍😍 This was the biggest surprise ever. Here are screen shots of him signing will you marry me...To which I promptly said YES!
The event ended with friends and family giving us advice on how to have a lasting marriage.... Put God First!

Enjoy the photos!