“I feel like a part of my soul has loved you
since the beginning of everything.
Maybe we’re from the same star.”
― Emery Allen

The last of the bridal party has walked down the aisle and went  to each side of the altar. The flower girl, while making her way down, was greeted with a collective "Awww" from the crowd. She smiles and entertained, what seemed to be, an endless sea of
smartphones directed towards her. And then she smiled some more, as she systematically dropped one rose petal after the other. Like how she rehearsed it a couple days before. And as she reached the front of the altar, she discovered to her amusement that there were more petals in her basket. So she stopped for a moment. Thinking what to do next, she did what any child would do at that exact moment, she playfully dropped all the petals into a pile on the ground, as the crowd laughed in delight.

Then silence.

I knew the bride was about to walk any moment now. I rushed to the other side of the aisle to try and get a better view. The song comes on and I saw Gabrielle and her Mom walk down the aisle. Gabrielle's mom was clutching her hand with a mix of nervousness and reassurance, as she walked her daughter slowly towards Austin. And with the sun radiating directly towards Gabrielle,  I turned to Austin and saw him wipe tears of joy from his eyes for the second time. And I finally realized that their love is special. It made me think of those memes all over the internet where it says: "I just want someone to look at me the way (insert name of famous person) looks at a (insert random object)." You think to yourself: "Yea right. Such person doesn't exist on this planet." Well, you haven't met Austin. To see him still be in awe of his bride. For him to wear his heart on his sleeve. For him to bravely cry in front of everyone because the love of his life is standing in front of him. Now that's LOVE.  

WE all yearn for it. We desire it. Not just to fall in love. But to have that unique, "once in a lifetime" love story that we can tell our future kids and grand kids and they'll be in awe. Truth is, it may or may not happen to us. Not even in our lifetime. But for some people out there it does happen. For Austin and Gabrielle, it took 3 generations for their love story to unfold. Both of their grandparents were friends with each other, and both of their parents were friends as well. But for them not to know each other until the perfect time came, well, I can truly say that their story was clearly written from the same star. 

and to cap off the party, the obligatory party selfie-shot.