“You don't scare me, I have a daughter.”
― Every Dad

Six years ago, when we found out that we will be having a girl, your mother & I was at a loss whether to name you Chloe or Sophia. But little did we know that a show called The Walking Dead will be deciding your name for us. There was this little girl on the show named Sophia and for some reason, we just fell in love with that name. So eventually, people will start asking you why your parents named you Sophia. Tell them you were named after a character in a famous TV show about zombies. And be proud of it. But if they start laughing and saying that you were named after a zombie, in our defense, we decided on that name long before the character went running into the woods and came out of the barn as a Walker. Haha. But it could have been worse. You were this close to being named after a Kardashian. 

Well what do you know, you are now 6 years old. So that was what? 2 years of interrupted sleep and 4 years of running, chasing, scolding and shouting: "No, Sophia!" more times than we can even remember. But we wouldn't have it any other way.  It's six years of being patient and loving you unconditionally. You are candid, brave and you have a big personality for such a small body. Your Mom and I have always wondered where you got it from, because we are certainly none of those things. But one thing that is clear from the beginning is that you are a ball of energy. But at the same time I know that you are empathic. I know that when someones is sad or angry, you feel it. So you slow down and  give them a hug. And even though you may act like a brat sometimes, I also know that you are thoughtful and care alot about other people.  Either by giving  your Mom and I those lovely letters/notes. Or those DIY gifts that you make out of pieces of paper and other random stuff that you find lying around the house and then present it to us like it was something you bought from Macy's. Or the way you would bring us water without being told because you know that we're not feeling good or when were tired. You also like to sneak in your little gummi snacks into my lunch box before I go to work, just so you know I have something to eat. I also know how when you see me looking for change,  you would try to give me your money from your piggy bank so I can buy my coffee. Yea we notice all those things. And you may shrug it off and act like it's not a big deal. Like it's going to ruin your reputation as the token brat in the family. But to us. It is a BIG DEAL. Because with everything that is going on in this world,  I would rather have a child that is kind and genuinely cares about other people than having a  straight A student who is in it for themselves. God knows we need more people that cared about others. 

So  Happy Birthday Sophia.  WE love you very much and I hope you don't stop doing all those little things that will make the world a better place!

On a sidenote, I don't think I  blogged her photos from when she was a year old. I don't know why. Maybe the lack of sleep at that time made it difficult for me to blog.  But her latest photoshoot came on a whim when we were out looking for her birthday dress. I thought that it would be perfect since  I 've been noticing that she is starting to follow directions when it comes to photoshoots. So I bought the dress, shoes, headband and flowers from Target. Headed to the same park where we did her 1 year old phtooshoot six years ago, and took photos as the sun was going down.