“I met a boy whose eyes showed me that the past,
present and future were all the same thing.”
― Jennifer Elisabeth

It’s pretty amazing how far technology has gotten us these days. If it weren’t for google, a place like Victoria Beach, and its hidden gem, the Pirate Tower, would be pretty much unknown to me. I’m pretty sure only locals would know about this place. The rocket-like structure itself is tucked in the corner of the beach and is hidden among houses built along the cliff side. And from online images, it may look epic, but standing at only 60ft., its small stature will be easily overlooked unless you walk further along the jagged rocks that line up the coast. But fret not, it’s location is usually given away by a small crowd of photographers and Instagram “models” that starts forming near or around the tower. All vying to get that picture-perfect photo of the tower with the sun setting in the horizon.

But as beautiful as reaching the destination is, it’s the journey that brings people together in the end. The 1.5 hour ride through the 405 freeway, our short pit-stop at this “hipster” empanada place (with their unique way of serving the food itself on a wood cutting board), and then getting lost on our way to the beach itself, well, there is no better way to build an affinity with other individuals. Especially, since Charity, Melvin and I are all nurses, we are pretty much kindred souls from the start. Sharing stories of our lives as nurses, (the good and the bad) and being able to relate to it on a very personal level, well its special. And our time together as more than vendors and client, fleeting or lasting - it sure does make this experience very memorable.