“In your light I learn how to love.
In your beauty, how to make poems.
You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you,
but sometimes I do,
and that sight becomes this art.”
- Jalaluddin Rumi

Of course there was an air of intimacy once we entered Coco's room. To see familiar faces greeting us was both heart-warming and much needed, as Las Vegas was unusually cold on that particular day. Coco, her friends, and her family brought out a certain feeling of déjà vu. Everything seems so familiar, yet different at the same time. I met Coco when we covered Melissa's wedding, who was also our very first client. She was a bridesmaid and also a cousin of the bride. But what struck us the most about her is that she was always so sweet and kind to us. Being nice just kinda comes naturally for her. We then saw her again two years later at her good friend, Sheila's wedding. This time she was a guest who, to our delight, brought along a date. Her and John were still in the early stages of their relationship but I remember saying, jokingly, that if the stars aligned, I will be shooting their engagement session in Seattle. That particular location never materialized but their engagement photos that we shot in Red Rocks, Nevada was pretty awesome to say the least. Although they laughed at my joke back then, and probably thought nothing of it, I could instantly tell there was something special when I saw them together three years ago. Maybe it was the way they were holding each other's hands. Or the way they were standing so close together that even a few inches away from each other was too much to bear. Or the way John found time to go with Coco to the wedding. Since during that time, I could only imagine it being very difficult for him since every aspect of his life was wrapped up in medical school. But us guys, what can I say? When we find that special someone, no distance is too great and no challenge is too difficult. We always seem to find a way. But even after noticing all those obvious, yet subtle signs, I think there was one thing that clearly stood out for me. One tangible aspect that clearly defined how their relationship was going in the right direction. It was their outfits. You know that expression "you wear your heart on your sleeves"? Well I think they wore their hearts on their sleeves when they color-coordinated their outfits. His green tie to match with her green dress. That was a dead give-away that they were meant to be together. They probably thought nothing of it at that time. They were just "being cute" is all. But a japanese poet, Izumi Shikibu said: “In this world, love has no color-- yet how deeply my body is stained by yours." 



Ceremony & Venue: Las Vegas Golf Club
Florist: VIP Floral Designs
Hair/MUA: Jessica Martinez and Phoenix Sparks
Cake: Milos Babic
Pastor: Neat Randriamialison
DJ: Tommy Langsang