“I have found out that there ain't no surer way to find out
whether you like people or hate them
than to travel with them.”
― Mark Twain

Vino texted me from out of nowhere and persuaded me to come with him and his family to Death Valley. Particularly to a location called Badwater Basin. He then DM'ed me this image of this lady in a white dress, standing on water in the desert. The contrast intrigued me enough to the point where I had to come up with an excuse to call in sick to work.  A few fake coughs and sniffles later, I found myself waking up my toddler at 6 in the morning and heading to Death Valley.  Badwater Basin to be exact. The lowest point in the US of A. The goal was to take some photos of Vino and his family and recreate the image that he had sent me on Instagram. But with anything, timing is key. And our timing was off. What we ended up seeing was just a dry, arrid, desert landscape. Which is still beautiful in it's own unique way. So we still decided to continue on with the shoot. We also headed to Zabriskie Point and get some shots there also. Now this is a place where I would want to shoot again. The different textures, height and color contrasts of the unique rock formations is just eye candy. Xander, Vino and Melissa's youngest was in no mood for photos. But not t waste a trip, we just decided to do a quick shoot between the husband and wife of 5 years. And although it's been awhile since we last took portraits of them for their trash-the-dress session in Big Sur, well, surprisingly they still got it.