“I need the starshine of your heavenly eyes,
After the day's great sun.”
― Charles Hanson Towne

Mary & Joseph. I swear to God (pun intended), those are their real names. Mary is my wife's cousin. We haven't seen them in years ever since Mary moved to Seattle to finish her school and become a pharmacist. Joe then quit his IT job in California and moved to Seattle. "Depressing." is what they answer when I ask why they decided to move from the city where grunge music, "Gen X" and Starbucks originated from. Where 90% of the time, it's cloudy and gloomy. Which would be awesome if you do photography. No more fidgeting with the controls and buttons. But now they are back in California and living in San Francisco. Another city that I love. Anyways here are some highlights from their session in Griffith Park. Enjoy!