“The greatest love stories are not those in which love is only spoken,
but those in which it is acted upon.” - Steve Maraboli

When we first started A Sight of Love, most of the couples that we photographed were either friends or acquaintances that we knew in the past. So when "client meet-ups" happen, it's usually a case of talking about their wedding plans for a couple of minutes and the rest would be spent on talking about more personal matters not pertaining to the actual wedding. Usually topics regarding people that we knew or we talk about school or work. Pretty much, life in general. But lately, the couples that have been booking us have been either referrals or people that happen to stumble onto our website and fell in love with our photos. Total strangers. Which is great. Since they don't know a thing about me, there is no bias when they look at our photos. Amber and Jean-Claude, or JC for short, met up with me at a coffee bar in Pasadena. I was pretty nervous since meet ups is a way for couples to size you up. To see if there is chemistry and/or to make sure you're not a serial killer on the FBI's Most Wanted List. Surprisingly, for Amber and JC, it was the latter. They were pretty much sold on the photos that I don't think it even mattered if I showed up in a clown suit. But first impressions are still important, so I always try to put my best foot forward. 

Since Amber and JC are Cali-kids born and bred, they wanted an urban shoot. I've always liked shooting in or around nature. Trees, foliage and what-not. But I know going outside my comfort zone will only benefit and help me grow as an artist. And I have to thank Amber and JC for wanting to shoot in an Urban setting. Shooting in Downtown L.A. will always be a challenge since it's been photographed to death. One can just scour the internet and you wil see countless engagement and wedding shoots in Downtown L.A. And coming up with fresh and new ways to shoot in or around a famous building will always require some imagination. So even shooting on a rooftop, which was a first for me, still required me to think outside the box. But ideas can only go so far without the couple buying into it. Which Amber and JC did. In bulk. And I love them for it. They even ended up making an otherwise dull, lifeless ladder that I used to get a different perspective, so sexy and appealing.  💛💛💛

Big thanks goes out to Amber's cousin, Aaron, for letting us use the rooftop in the building that he manages. Super  chill guy. I've always wanted to shoot on top of a building and he definitely scratched that off my bucket list. Thanks man!